Published On: Sun, Sep 2nd, 2018

BMW Scooters Will Present Challenging Xmax Taken in Indonesia

As we all know where the current automatic motorbike is selling well in Indonesia, including large automatic scooters like Xmax, PCX. The popularity of the big-body automatic motorbike in Indonesia turned out to attract BMW Motorrad’s attention which felt “itchy” wanting to enliven the automatic motorbike in the country by planning to launch its C400X bongsor scooter in Indonesia where the motorbike is the latest flagship from BMW.

According to BMW Motorrad Indonesia-Maxindo Motor Chief Executive Officer, Joe Frans confirmed that the C400X is certain to land on the homeland this year, where the possibility of C400X will arrive in the second semester. Later, the BMW C400X is believed to be able to boost BMW sales with other products in the adventurous motorbike segment, namely the BMW G 310 GS, which has already been rolled out in early 2018 and became the volume maker. As for the launch of the second BMW mainstay motorbike is a global strategy from BMW Motorrad itself to be able to increase sales volume and compete in the motorbike segment not only in Indonesia but globally.

As information, in Europe alone the BMW C400X is a big scooter using a 350cc engine, and competes with the big scooter from Yamaha, namely XMAX.