Published On: Sat, Sep 1st, 2018 Collaborates With RPX To Facilitate Delivery Of Goods For Consumers

Jakarta – In celebration of its third anniversary,’s fashion & lifestyle e-commerce platform on Thursday (8/30) announced its collaboration with RPX, the pioneer of integrated logistics shipping (One Stop Logistics), through the Take a Take Package-like service. Likes (PAS). The PAS service from RPX allows customers to independently pick up packages (self-service Pick-up Packages) on the 14,000 closest Indomaret franchise networks in all regions of Java and Bali or other RPX partner outlets.

The development of e-commerce and the effort to continue to provide flexibility to customers in terms of retrieval of goods – can be done at any time in each RPX partner store – is an RPX strategy to continue to adapt to consumer needs.

“’s collaboration with RPX is an important step in our efforts to improve services to Indonesian consumers. Especially to celebrate’s third anniversary on September 9, 2018, together with RPX presents PAS services as an option to provide more goods. , flexible especially for consumers with high levels of mobility. ”

“Consumer needs are the focus of’s business, and our mission is to continue to improve services to consumers, including in terms of shipping and retrieval of goods complete with service options that suit the needs and comfort of consumers.”

“PA services from RPXC provide a sense of calm for consumers, especially those who live in urban areas or surrounding areas and do not have to worry about frequent delivery of package problems – when they arrive home because they have to wait until the courier arrives or worries the address is wrong because of complicated instructions PAS services will make it easier for customers to pick up packages according to their desired location and time. Now #MayaGamesThat is easier, even easier. ”

– Alvin Aulia Akbar, Head of Business Development

Going forward, collaboration between and RPX through PAS services also allows COD (Cash On Delivery) options for consumers to be able to make direct payments when picking up packages.

Especially in the context of the third anniversary, and RPX provide PAS promo prices with a 75% discount for all crocodiles in Java and Bali for every purchase of all products at Promo prices are valid from 30 August to 30 September 2018.

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